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Breeder Tales

Just because I can... do I really want to?

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This is my way of fleshing out all my thoughts about children, pregnancy, and whether or not I ever want to reproduce. It's a confusing topic, and I appreciate the insights and feedback I've gotten here.

Since I think there's been some confusion... I'm not a troll. I'm a real, honest-to-goodness person just looking to learn and talk and figure things out. The name of the journal was my idea of humor. This is my story, my "tale," and I'd been talking to my friend not long before making the journal, and he insisted that I was a breeder whether I chose to have children or not because I technically *could*. Hence, breedertales! This is an anonymous journal since I'm not quite ready to be talking about some of the things I want to express with all my RL buddies.

So all that aside... I'm glad to be here, and I appreciate all the help and support!